Autumn Family Photos at the Lake

This day was cold. And windy. And cloudy. And – we had so much FUN!
We met at Clinton Lake, just south of town, and we had our doubts whether or not we could get good pictures out of everyone. Which, if I do say so myself, everyone cooperated and we got a LOT of great pictures.
My sister-in-law loves Pinterest as much as I do and she’d shared a handful of photos that caught her eye. Plus she brought a frame and a blanket and we set out to take those Pinspirations (sorry, haha) and make them our own. We got so many fantastic captures that I’m having a hard time narrowing down my choices to post here. So what the heck, I’ll post almost all of them!
We did individual pictures of each kid, we did pictures of mom and dad, and of course we took pictures of the whole group.
(Plus, stay tuned… I have pictures of her sister and her husband from the same day to post too.)
Then, just as we were wrapping the day up the sun popped out to give us a magnificent sunset backdrop. Ah, what a perfect day this turned out to be!

Ingram banner

Ingram Family 1

Ingram Family 3

Ingram Family 4

Ingram Family 6

Ingram Family 7

Ingram Family 8

Ingram Family Kids with frame

Ingram R. 1

Ingram R. 2

Ingram R. 3

Ingram R. 4

Ingram D. 1

Ingram D. 2

Ingram D. 3

Ingram D. 4

Ingram E.

Ingram E. 2

Ingram N. 1

Ingram N. 2

Ingram M. 1

Ingram M. 2

Ingram Boys 1

Ingram Boys 2

Ingram L and E

Ingram Family 9

Ingram Family 10

Ingram L and E 2

Ha! I think they’re glad to be done. And to finally get to warm up!

Ingram R and E