Christmas Family Portraits

I met this family in a Chinese Zen park in our downtown area. Its small but has a lot of nice scenery. Boy was it cold this day too. We were taking portraits for their Christmas presents to their family. First we’d planned to meet at the lake for sunset pictures. We decided that the lake breeze would be way too much to deal with. We all agreed we were glad we changed locations – I think our fingers and ears might’ve fallen off had we decided to stick with the lake! Maybe we can try that again this fall when its still warmish out.

I think they were real troopers – even taking their coats off to show their matching red sweaters! And lil mister was a complete doll to work with. He had a lot of fun hamming it up for me to take pictures of him! I really think it shows…

family, portrait, little boy, winter, close up, smile

family, portrait, winter, christmas sweater, play, zen park

family, winter, toddler, little boy, parents in background, DOF,